All About My Pregnancy

Producer Eka Maya Febriana releases the trailer for All About My Pregnancy about natural childbirth being illegal in her country of Indonesia. Documentary/ 75 min / Indonesia/2014 The first … [Read More]

The Making of Humanity

The Making of Humanity is a film by Sue Vicory and her production company Heartland Films, Inc. Artist Maidy Morhous and Sue Vicory talk about the creation of a bronze statue named Humanity which was … [Read More]

Live Life by Jerri Sher

LIVE LIFE - Trailer - Alternative Healing - The New Health Plan Starring: Emmett Miller Md. (Father of Mind Body Healing) Fred Segal (Fashion icon & Writer) Joan Baez (Musician) Roger Craig … [Read More]

The Turtle’s Rage

Filmmaker Pary El-Qalqili's Palestinian father has always been an enigma to her, spending his days grieving the loss of his homeland in the basement of their Berlin home. Having left his young family … [Read More]

Oh, You Cowgirl!

"Oh, You Cowgirl!" by Shirley Morris is an in-depth documentary film about the early 20th century cowgirls; the unsung heroes of the west. It is an honest-to-goodness cowgirl story which also reveals … [Read More]

CinemAbility by Jenni Gold

This star studded documentary takes us on a thought provoking and humorous journey to explore the evolution of disability portrayals in film and television. From the early days of silent films to … [Read More]

What Future

What Future is about a mother, Anne, who severely neglects herself, her family and her environment when it comes to good health habits, recycling and the conservation of Earth's resources. One day, … [Read More]

God Loves France

This trailer produced by God Loves France is a short film that explores the complex subject of The Spiritual of the French. The project is currently under production with an American and French … [Read More]

Which Way Home

"Which Way Home" is a feature documentary film by Academy Award nominee Rebecca Cammisa that follows unaccompanied child migrants, on their journey through Mexico, as they try to reach the United … [Read More]

God is the Bigger Elvis

By filmmaker Rebecca Cammisa about actress Dolores Hart, who abandoned her career at age 24 to become a Benedictine nun. The film was nominated for the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short … [Read More]

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