Torn From the Flag

TORN FROM THE FLAG is a multi-award-winning, highly entertaining documentary about the Cold War, the decline of Communism, and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The film participated in the Oscar … [Read More]

Bridging the Divide: Tom Bradley and the Politics of Race

Bridging the Divide: Tom Bradley and the Politics of Race Produced and Written By Lyn Goldfarb and Alison Sotomayor. Directed by Lyn Goldfarb. Research Director: Alison Sotomayor The PBS … [Read More]

Live Life

EMMY winner Jerri Sher is proud to announce that Discovery will distribute her 12-part television series on the power of healing and life transformations using alternatives to Western … [Read More]

3 Rivers to Cuba

"3 Rivers to Cuba” is an independently produced documentary by Spinning Goat Productions, with support from Advancing the Black Arts grant through The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation. … [Read More]


Taryn Brumfitt is the Founder of Body Image Movement, a movement which teaches women the value and power of loving their body from the inside out. Her mission is to harness and facilitate positive … [Read More]

Big Voice

A feature documentary, by Varda Bar-Kar captures the tumultuous year in the life of a visionary high school choir director and his students as they overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to … [Read More]

Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer, by Kaye Kittrell is an urban garden organic family friendly web show currently with 92 episodes and 30 vlogs online. Kaye's goal is to inspire anyone to learn to grow their own food. … [Read More]

To Love & Support: The American Military Spouse

To Love & Support: The American Military Spouse by filmmaker Stephanie Hearn Purcell. Spouses of past and present service members share their experiences navigating through life with the … [Read More]

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

“Seeing is Believing: Women Direct” is a feature length documentary by Cady McClain about women directors. Audiences will hear directly from women who are on the front lines of the field: from major … [Read More]


A story of refuge, One family, Four years, from Syria to Germany. A Foxwolf Production by Caroline Spearpoint. … [Read More]

The Gnomist

The Gnomist, by filmmaker Sharon Liese is in contention for an Academy Award. The Gnomist is a true story about the mysterious appearance of fairy homes in a suburban forest and the magical … [Read More]

All About My Pregnancy

Producer Eka Maya Febriana releases the trailer for All About My Pregnancy about natural childbirth being illegal in her country of Indonesia. Documentary/ 75 min / Indonesia/2014 The first … [Read More]

The Making of Humanity

The Making of Humanity is a film by Sue Vicory and her production company Heartland Films, Inc. Artist Maidy Morhous and Sue Vicory talk about the creation of a bronze statue named Humanity which was … [Read More]

Live Life by Jerri Sher

LIVE LIFE - Trailer - Alternative Healing - The New Health Plan Starring: Emmett Miller Md. (Father of Mind Body Healing) Fred Segal (Fashion icon & Writer) Joan Baez (Musician) Roger Craig … [Read More]

The Turtle’s Rage

Filmmaker Pary El-Qalqili's Palestinian father has always been an enigma to her, spending his days grieving the loss of his homeland in the basement of their Berlin home. Having left his young family … [Read More]

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